[RCSparks] – This is it, I finally get to say thank you to a couple of the people that helped me make Loading Wars possible. Sluicebox Steve is in the house today, Joe is almost here as well as Rookie, all three of these guys are on their way. They don’t even know what’s about […]

MY INTERN ALMOST MAKES ME LOSE TO A 900 | GM Aman Hambleton (ft. Mike)

[Mike] Ooh it’s on our side, all right. We got four plus three fans time format. Let’s see what you got, you Canadian. That’s what we like to see on stream. All right, all right. I can play this. I don’t have a very large opening repertoire maybe up to here and that’s about where […]

Anqi Luo: TO2015 Pan Am Games Table Tennis Hopeful

My name is Angi Luo and I love table tennis. I am really excited for the 2015 Pan Am Games in Toronto. I was the youngest player to participate for Canada in the Mexico Pan Am Games. We got into the quarter finals for the team event, but this time I’m really aiming for a […]

Ice Hockey Champion vs Fitness YouTuber – Buff Dude Tries an Olympian’s Workout | Hitting the Wall

I don’t know about this. Got to learn the brakes. (HITTING THE WALL) Hey, my name’s Brandon White. I just came into Calgary, and as you can tell, a nice warm welcome. I’m here to meet Rebecca Johnston, Olympic gold medallist hockey player, which is kind of intimidating, really. Gold medallist, hockey player, she’s probably […]

Aman Hambleton Bullet Chess Speedrun | Part 1

I’m joining the pool here. All right so starting with 1,100. Weaknesses everywhere. Weaknesses everywhere. In games like this, look at him. So this okay… so this is what it’s like. You guys are probably seeing other games you know like League of Legends stuff like that where you start at sort of like zero […]

Junk food for your cat | Jackie Pirico

Do you guys know the product Meow Mix? Do you know that product Meow Mix? Yeah, you know it’s a, uh – a cat food? For your pet? A Meow Mi– a supper for your cat? Meow Mix? At the grocer’s? Well anyway, I see the commercial for Meow Mix… In case you guys don’t […]

The Never-Ending Game of Dungeons & Dragons

(epic orchestral music) – [Narrator] In London, Ontario, there lives a man whose basement is unlike anything you’ve ever seen. This is Robert Wardhaugh. – Hi, my name is Robert Wardhaugh. – [Narrator] Robert has been playing the same Dungeons and Dragons campaign for over 30 years. – 35 years to be exact. – [Narrator] […]

What We Don’t Talk About When We Talk About Love | Mandy Len Catron | TEDxSFU

Hi, you guys! Thank you for sticking around till the end. (Laughter) I told my mom that no one would be here at the end, and she promised me that you guys would, so … (Laughter) OK, so today I want to talk about how we talk about love. And specifically, I want to talk […]

#1 Hack to Achieve SUCCESS by Chess Grandmaster Maurice Ashley

– If you missed part one, you should go back and click on these links that will link above or you should watch my first video that I’ve made All right guys, today I will teach you about something I have learned from a chess grand master called Maurice Ashley, okay? I first saw him […]

Ozzy Man Reviews: Canadian Arrest

Welcome to Canada. We’ve seen slippery traffic jams and a woman throwing her feces in Tim Hortons. Now, let’s have a look at a couple trying to escape a ready Mart convenience store. This bloke is not afraid to use his girlfriend as a human shield. She attaches herself to a police officer like a […]