Taking TERRIBLE Phineas and Ferb Quizzes

So, you know how companies like don’t know anything about cartoons, but they make quizzes about them Anyways, that’s what we’re gonna be looking at today We’re gonna be looking at some Phineas and Ferb quizzes and see how well I know Phineas and Ferb now The problem here is most of these quizzes. I’m […]

Taking Buzzfeed Quizzes-The hardest game of fuck,marry,kill!

Hey guys , Welcome back to my channel, today I’m going to try some buzzfeed quizzes because I thought it would be very funny to film this. So without further due let’s get this video started. The quiz is called the hardest game of fuck, marry, kill for those who love food, alcohol and hot […]

The Cast Of “Jersey Shore” Takes The Hardest Jersey Shore Quiz

Can 4 Guys Beat A Poker Champion? • The Try Guys: 4 Vs. 1

– Can four normal ding-dongs beat one poker pro? We’re gonna find out. – I will call anything you bet. Ned, Ned! – I’m all in. – Oh my god! She was just lying to us! – [Zach] We’re going all in! (all yelling) – As long as our expert isn’t Asian then I’m fine. […]

Latinos Play Angry Moms Card Game

– Oh, god. – (speaking in foreign language) (group screaming) – [Kimmy] Oh, Maya! – Who’s in trouble now? – Oh, dammit. – Welcome everyone, once again, to the whole thing where we get litty city and play card games. We’re going to be playing Angry Moms. – And I’m gonna win. – Whoa. – […]

People Guess The Prices Of Pokemon Cards

– I used to collect Pokemon cards, until one day I went to an Asian wedding and some kid stole it all and that’s when I became an adult. (techno music) – I had Pokemon cards as a kid, but I just liked them for the pictures, I never played the game. – I spent […]

“To All The Boys: P.S. I Still Love You” Cast Plays Ship Or Sink

The Try Guys Play Boink, Marry, Kill

– I’m ready for a sleepover. – Okay. Today we are playing a rousing game of Boink, Marry, Kill. – I am boinking Robin, marrying Alfred – and killing Batman. – I’m with Ned. – How you gonna kill Batman? – I don’t know how yet but I’ll figure it out. – Kill him and […]

TSL Plays: King’s Cup

Hi guys! Welcome to another episode of TSL Plays. Today, we will be playing a PG13 version of King’s Cup! And, go! Eh, why mine got dust inside? Mine is literally the worst. Coffee Flower. Huh? Coffee plus mustard?! Punch Me Baby. Milk and fruit punch. The Milk Consuela (um…) Connoisseur la. Mountain Don’t. Wow! […]