LEC Pop Quiz – Buff / Nerf / Remove

Pop Quiz. I can’t wait. Buff, nerf, remove. Buff Zed. Maybe Zed, I think. I think he’s still pretty fine, but he could use some help. Buff Zed for sure. I want Xerath buffed. Champions like Xerath, for me, are one of the most skilled champions in the game to play, so I really like […]

How to Play Lightseekers The Card Game

​Welcome to this brief overview of the Lightseekers Trading Card Game.It’s a game that’s deceptively simple, with a wealth of depth and complexity to discover for yourself.Take on the role of a powerful hero, collect winning action cards and devastating combos, then defeat your opponents and reign victorious. There are six Orders in the game – […]

Wood Turning at Home – Rainbow Stained Bangles

Hi Everybody so today I wanted to make some rings again and this time I wanted to make them into bracelets so I hope you enjoy the video lets see what happens Hi every body as you can see it is very dark tonight and I should really be going to bed but before I […]

full xuyên giáp – cách đánh bại buff người máy trong Magic chess: Bang Bang | Gamewin h.h

Video bạn mình đánh nha 1 trong những buff khống chế người máy Cho các bạn chưa biết nha Hôm nay mình chơi full xuyên giáp nha Hay thì like vs đăng ký kênh nha 👇👇Like và đăng ký kênh👇👇