Royal Chess – Play like Magnus – Magnus Carlsen playing against Anish Giri – Štěpán Žilka.

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Chess – Secret of novelty in London system – Buločkin Hába, video by Jiri Dufek.

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Bobby Fischer Chess Sacrifices and Strong Game Finishes

Hi all. I would like to show you a bit of a puzzle book at – Bobby Fischer sacrifices and strong finishes. So there are a hundred and seventy four positions in this. It starts off with one of the most beautiful set of sacrifices Fischer made and then it actually goes chronologically throughout […]

Amazing Chess Game: Exchange Sacrifice Power! : Garry Kasparov vs Deep Blue – 1997 – Game 1

Morning all, let’s continue our look at Gary Kasparov versus the deep blue computer of 1997. So this was the rematch. The first match was in 1996, which Kasparov won 4-2. Okay so this rematch in which Kasparov nicknames his computer deeper blue, quite musingly it was just a nickname. He kicked off the first […]

Mikhail Tal’s Top 10 Chess Sacrifices of all time! – (or at least in top 50 of most lists!)

Morning all let’s look at the great magician from Riga Mikhail Tals, 10 of his greatest sacrifices and combinations. Now by Tals own admission he indicates there are two types of sacrifices. Correct ones in mind. So maybe he foresaw the engine sort perspectives we have now for very scientifically proven sacrifices not if they’re […]