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How to Play The Card Game Bridge | Tutorial 3 | Play Tricks

Great so we just finished sorting our hands, you’ve got your cards, and now we’re ready to learn the fundamental unit of the play of the game of bridge, which is called the “trick”. And let me tell you, it’s not that tricky! For the first trick, Frida leads the two of clubs, and then […]

How to Play The Card Game Bridge | Tutorial 5 | Roles During Play

At the end of this video you’re going to know how to start the play of the game and the different roles that exist while you’re playing, which means that every game you can take on a new role and keep it interesting every time you play. Ok so we haven’t talked about bidding yet […]

How to Play The Card Game Bridge | Tutorial 2 | Game Set-Up

Now let’s go over the game setup. For these following videos, I’ve invited some of my celebrity friends to play with us. So we have David Frida This lobster And Prince! To get started playing bridge you need to have four players seated at a table across from each other. Some people use a compass […]

How to Play The Card Game Bridge | Tutorial 4 | The Super Suit

So, we just learned what a trick is and we were faced with a challenge: What do you do if you don’t have a card in the suit that was led? In one case, there’s something called a super suit and this is something that was determined in the bidding if this was going to […]

How to Play The Card Game Bridge | Tutorial 1 | Intro

Hi everyone I’m Elena your Bridge BFF (best friend forever). I’m here to teach you bridge in 10 easy steps. Are you interested in learning the card game? And want it to be fast and easy, but not too fast so you don’t understand what’s happening? These videos are for you! We’ve broken down the […]

How To Play Singaporean Bridge

You may have heard of Contract Bridge a once-popular 2v2 card game that peaked in the 30’s and 40’s However, did you know that Singapore has its own variant of bridge? Let’s go through the basic rules of the game. Singaporean Bridge is a 2v2 game, you need 4 players to play. Let’s start by […]

Multifunctional smart table: coffee table, bar table, dining table, games tables.

Welcome to the exciting new worlds of fun that you’ll find… all in one incredible product! “Nois” is proud to present this new Israeli patent that’s going to take the world by storm! Nois is a single smart table, opening up numerous exciting adventures… a world of games… convenience, and chic, artistic design… All In […]