(insects chirping) (birds chirping) (lighthearted music) – I would start with, chess is a thinking game. – Chess is a game of skill. – Even though it looks boring, doesn’t mean it is boring. – It is a great game. – It’s my favorite game also. (water splashing) – You have materials, pieces. – 16 […]

Analyzing Chess Games of Bobby Fischer – (Fischer – Lapiken 1956)

This is the game of the young Bobby Fischer against Lapiken in 1956 The Zukertort Opening Fischer chose the bishop fianchetto White castles for safety Opening a diagonal for his bishop Developing his queenside knight Controlling the b4 square Fischer opens the c file. If Black takes his pawn, his knight will take his opponent’s […]

Chess Lesson: How to Beat a Chess Master Series – 20

Castling for safety Preventing his bishop to g4 square Activating the rook Bringing the knight to attack A triple piece attack to his f7 pawn Targetting Queen to g7 hitting his rook Threatens to capture his rook Threatens Queen takes rook at f8

The Greatest Chess Game Everyone MUST Know

Hi and welcome into the lesson “The greatest chess game everyone MUST know”. Millions of games have been played during over the history of chess, but there is only very little percentage of games that will be the most influential, most important and most instructive. And every aspiring chess player just MUST know these few […]

Bobby Fischer’s last round “must win” chess game with Mikhail Tal – Zurich 1959 – Final Round (15)

Morning all, on this Kings crusher channel we have seen many of the encounters of Tal against Fisher. In fact, with this game we will have a complete set. I’ll put it in a playlist and I’ll link the playlist from an embedded link within this video. This game is in the Zurich tournament of […]

Interview with Danish Chess Grandmaster Bent Larsen (English subtitles)

… I certainly have enough battle routine But there’s a lot of travelling involved with chess ? That’s right As Spassky once said about being a chess master: “There’s a lot of shirts you have to wash” It’s a lonely life travelling around as a chess player ? Yeah, but the loneliest with chess is […]

Amazing Chess Game : Boris Spassky vs Bobby Fischer – World Ch. 1972 – Game 1 – Huge blunder!

Morning all. I’d like to address some coverage gaps on the channel regarding the classic Spassky vs. Fischer match of 1972. Which caught the attention of the world media. In game one there was a very interesting game and a very interesting apparent beginner’s blunder in inverted commas. Blunder which you know our club players […]

Bobby Fischer Chess Sacrifices and Strong Game Finishes

Hi all. I would like to show you a bit of a puzzle book at – Bobby Fischer sacrifices and strong finishes. So there are a hundred and seventy four positions in this. It starts off with one of the most beautiful set of sacrifices Fischer made and then it actually goes chronologically throughout […]

Rex Sinquefield, the American Chess Mogul (Full Segment) | Real Sports w/ Bryant Gumbel | HBO

SOLEDAD O’BRIEN: At first glance, he may looklike just another aging retiree,passing the time by playing his favorite game.-How often do you play chess? -Every day. How many times a day? Well, I have about 20 games going on the internet, and then, I’ll do some studying as well. Are you passionate or are you […]

Bobby Fischer beats a Grandmaster in 10 moves! (But Reshevsky plays on)

hello everyone this game was played in 1958 between Bobby Fischer and Samuel Reshevsky and although this is a very short game it’s worth noticing that Samuel Reshevsky was a magnificent player he had a very long chess career and in this career he played against the 11 world champions and of those 11 he […]