Tigris & Euphrates – Shut Up & Sit Down Review

QUINNS: Hello, everybody. Career Shut Up & Sit Down fans might remember that in the sweet sweet summer of 2015 we reviewed Samurai a new Windrider edition of one of the greatest games ever made by board gaming legend Reiner Knizia. And then in the summer of 2016 we reviewed the new edition of Ra. […]

Near and Far – Shut Up & Sit Down Review

So do I just say it to the camera? Hi! I’m… I’m Paul. I’m in the Vancouver area But I’m actually English and I’m looking for adventure. I spend most of my time making videos on the internet and writing and… I like to cook Risotto get punched and look at animals The type of […]

Tainted Grail : How-to-Play Tutorial video by Gaming Rules!

Hi my name is Paul Grogan and welcome to the Gaming Rules how to play video for Tainted Grail: Fall of Avalon published by Awakened Realms. Tainted Grail is a story rich survival and exploration game for one to four players. Set in a grim universe that blends Arthurian legends and Celtic mythology with the […]

It’s A Wonderful World | Playthrough (Static Camera) | slickerdrips

How to play the card game Hanabi

I’m gonna talk about this great little game called Hanabi has put out by R&R games incorporated is one of my favorite games over the last couple of years and the great thing about this is it’s a great just a family or party game but it’s also great for those hardcore gamers that that […]

Enchanters: Overlords | Playthrough (Static Camera) [Part 2] | slickerdrips

Enchanters: Overlords | Playthrough | slickerdrips

Dale of Merchants Collection | Playthrough | slickerdrips