Pandemic | Game the Game

(Upbeat music) – Hey friends! Welcome to Game the Game. I’m your host, Becca Scott, and on this show, I get to show you games. This week, we are playing a classic, Pandemic, from Z-Man games by Matt Leacock. Let me introduce you to my beautiful guests. Starting on my right right, we have Josh […]

Betrayal Legacy – Part 3 | Game the Game

Hey friends, we’re about to play Betrayal Legacy and that means spoilers. So if that’s something you’re not into then maybe go watch a different episode of Game the Game. See you later. (upbeat music) Hello and welcome back to our playthrough of Betrayal Legacy. Guys, are you so excited? Yes, I just want to […]

AGE OF ARTISANS: Architects of the West Kingdom Expansion Board Game Review

hi everybody and welcome back to the nerd shelves my name is Michael and today I’m very excited because we are going to be looking at Age of Artisans it’s the expansion to one of my favourite games the Architects of the West Kingdom so let’s not waste any more time come join me at […]


hi everybody and welcome back to the nerd shelves my name is Michael and today we are going to take a look at age of artisans the architects of the West Kingdom expansion so as you can see it’s still in shrink haven’t opened it yet so meet me at the table and let’s see […]

CARPE DIEM Board Game Review Video

Hi everybody and welcome back to the Nerd Shelves today we are going to be taking a look at a game designed by one of my favourite designers out there Stefan Feld I love pretty much every Stefan feld game that I’ve ever played they’re just so thinky and puzzly and I just absolutely adore […]


set in 850 ad architects of the West Kingdom is a worker placement game where players collect resources, hire apprentices, construct buildings, work on the cathedral and maybe even partake in some less-than-honorable tasks all in hopes of impressing the King earn the most victory points and be crowned victorious and become the Kings favourite […]

90 Second Nerd Board Game Review: Cooking Customers

90 Second Nerd Hey I’m Dallas and I’m Jenny We’re 90 Second Nerd and today we’re taking a look at cooking customers from Good Enough Games. Our 90 seconds start now. Cooking customers is a dice rolling card game for two to five players that takes about 30 minutes to play. In cooking customers, you’re […]

Geekly Wrap-Up #31 [CC]

Hey everybody, it’s Anna, and welcome back to my booktube channel! This video is once again brought to you by the fact that coronavirus has us all laid up in our homes here in the Seattle area, which means I have had a lot of time to read and play board games this week! So […]

My Favourite Board Games 🎲

Hi everyone… should have maybe sat down before I press the record button but I’ve started now. Hi everyone, over Christmas I said that I wanted to make a board game recommendations video and I was going to do it weeks ago but one of our favourite board games happens to be Pandemic Legacy and […]