How to Play Codenames Harry Potter: Game for Geeks

Hi my friends, CA here. and RB. And on Fridays we talk about games with a little bit of geek twist. And this week we’re going all secret Order of the Phoenix with Codenames Harry Potter. It’s a two-person game. So we are both members of the Order of the Phoenix. Huzzah! Good guys And […]

Gaia Project in about 3 minutes

Kia Ora koutou and welcome to gaia project in about three minutes review copy used the game has a solo mode its a game for one to four players, playing time is long and it’s pretty damn complex across the galaxy many different species vie for interstellar control but this is not a war it […]

How To Play: Sushi Go! Card Game – with Hussain and Tahera

Hello Friends. This is Hussain Ra, and today I am here with my wife Tahera Hussain. [Tahera] Hello Friends! Today we are going to play a two-player version of the game Sushi Go!. Previously I gave a review on that and I did the unboxing of the game, for which I received very positive reviews […]

Dune in about 3 minutes

Kia Ora Kotou and welcome to Dune in about three minutes review copy used there is no solo mode it’s a game for up to six players playing time is long it’s a pretty complex game Arrakis a bleak and barren world which should be a forgotten rock if not for one thing it is […]

90 Second Nerd Board Game Preview: Mixed Company

90 Second Nerd Hey I’m Dallas and I’m Jenny. We’re at 90 Second Nerd. Today we’re taking a look at Mixed Company, a game that’s currently on Kickstarter. Our 90 seconds start now. Have you ever been talking to someone and you’re expressing your opinion and they just keep interrupting you and they won’t let […]

90 Second Nerd Board Game Review: Originz

90 Second Nerd Hi, I’m Nick. And I’m Dallas. We’re with 90 Second Nerd. Today we’re going to be taking a look at Originz: The Superpowered Card Game from Flavor Faction Studio Our 90 seconds start now. So Originz is a card battling game. It’s similar to a lot of deck builders, except that you […]

How to Play Dixit Card Game [B&C Review 003]

Dixit Board Game Review and Tutorial Good evening and welcome to Boards and Cords! Welcome back to the table, please pull up a chair and join us! Today we’re talking about the game Dixit. Dixit has as a tagline that “A Picture’s Worth a Thousand Words,” and it makes the promise of the exploration of […]

Let’s Play CASH ‘N GUNS | Overboard, Episode 15

– Welcome to Overboard, Polygon’s card and board game show. Today we’re playing Cash ‘n Guns, a game about what happens after you’ve pulled off a big heist, and who gets to take home the most spoils. At its core, Cash ‘n Guns bears a lot of similarities to poker, with its own special twists. […]