Tutorial – How to play Famous Forehand, a tennis card game from Famous Games Co

So you want to be a famous tennis player, do you? Well grab your racquet and let’s head onto the court so I can check your serve. The first thing we need to do is create a score sheet with a column for each player. Then flip a penny to decidewho’s going to serve first. […]

DEERLORD! party card game – Kickstarter video

Hi! I’m Dries, this is Dennis. Together we made a party game called DEER LORD! The game is perfect for a group of friends who like to manipulate, deceive and confuse each other. The game consists out of 2 types of cards. The DUEL cards are fought between 2 players. But the core of the […]

Monopoly Deal Card Game (EA)

This Video Review Is Based On : Price, quality, performance, warranty, brand trust, after sales & service, reusability, familiarity and easy to operate. The Monopoly Deal Card Game will quickly become a favorite at family game night thanks to its fast-paced, addicting gameplay. It’s a great alternative if you love Monopoly but don’t want to […]

Video Games !! – Board James (Episode 25) with AVGN

(intro song plays) (-_-) Before, there was board games, and then they made video games. And then they made board games OF THE video games. So they went to cardboard and plastic to pixels on a screen, back to cardboard and plastic again. Let’s see how well some of these ‘Video Game Board Game’ games’have […]

Multi-Board Game Battle!!

-What’s up, you guys? Welcome to today’s video. -Dude, what is that? -Bro! -I didn’t mean to do it, dude!! i didn’t mean to do it so hard -How did you not mean to do it? -I didn’t mean to do it so hard We have hundreds of board games– literally thousands. Let’s do. All […]

Sushi Go! Card Game Unboxing and Review – with Hussain Ra

Hello Friends. Today I am going to unbox this game, and I am going to review this game. This game is called Sushi Go! It is based on a Japanese cuisine, and it is played by 2 – 5 players, ages 8 and up So I will give you my review and I will let […]

1-64 Snakes and Ladders Playground Thermoplastic Markings

1-64 Snakes and Ladders Playground Thermoplastic Markings

Making of an Dice Game Board part 5

My lens have fogged up on me. The joys of humidity and air conditioner in the summer! anyway, let’s finish up this dice board. let’s get to it. These bands here… I’m gonna put around the cup. They really serve no purpose other than just to be decorative. This leather is real old and real […]