Checkmate in the opening #8: Chess history

New York, NY 1896 Frank Melville Teed is playing white Eugene Delmar is playing black Dutch opening Bg5 variation Black pawns attack the intruding bishop The bishop allows itself to be trapped … to draw the pawns out … … and open the b1-h7 diagonal … … for his attack Black now senses threat of […]

Amazing Chess Game : Boris Spassky vs Bobby Fischer – World Ch. 1972 – Game 1 – Huge blunder!

Morning all. I’d like to address some coverage gaps on the channel regarding the classic Spassky vs. Fischer match of 1972. Which caught the attention of the world media. In game one there was a very interesting game and a very interesting apparent beginner’s blunder in inverted commas. Blunder which you know our club players […]

Kasparov blunders and loses a Queen and a Chess Game to Anand!

In this game Garry Kasparov missed counterattack and lost queen! The game plays in Geneva Switzerland in 1996. Blitz tournament. Viswanathan Anand was rival of Garry Kasparov. He played white. let’s look at the screen. Black has two extra pawns, and a positional advantage. In this complex for white position Anand plays RE1. We can […]