Aman Hambleton Bullet Chess Speedrun | Part 1

I’m joining the pool here. All right so starting with 1,100. Weaknesses everywhere. Weaknesses everywhere. In games like this, look at him. So this okay… so this is what it’s like. You guys are probably seeing other games you know like League of Legends stuff like that where you start at sort of like zero […]

GM Eric Hansen Blitz Speedrun to 3000 | 1200-1500

We’re going to have some fun today. Today’s itinerary is a blitz speedrun so I started 1,200 and there’s no provisional so I’ll be gaining like you guys. I’ll be one of you know just… [John] That’s the whole idea. [Eric] There’s no big jumps. I have to just grind it out. I still think […]

Jani and Esa in World Amateur Chess Championships in Greece 2015 5/9

The Golden Dawn of Greece is the best thing I know. I own 4 cigarettes to the chief arbiter. I have to pay them back. Dr. Lubinstein! It’s me! Dr. Lubinstein. Did you know that foam comes from ancient Greece. Let me bathe in peace for I am naked. Halfway! Woooot! Silly women, cleaning doesn’t […]

Not single chess … For my friends …

ну что, запись идет? Ну что, дорогие друзья, сегодня у нас 24-е сентября 2019 года Но… Прохладно … Прохладно, но тем не менее, как я уже говорил.. Без камеры… Конечно я столько не подтянусь… А под камер… Ну под камеру, как Бог даст… 10 Нет, надо 12 ! Считается 12 Лен? – Считается… считается Ну […]

World Champion’s technique | Magnus Carlsen vs. chess24 user Xakka

So let’s go, I’m playing against an IM from… no an FM from Yemen. And we are off. Think I had this position in an earlier banter blitz in both white and black. In general, not the most critical way of playing against the fits but I guess that… little extra central control still counts […]

“Sorry dude, I’m not that slow, nor that weak!” | Magnus Carlsen vs. chess24 user kleopl

Kleopl, maybe I played kleopl before? I did. Yeah that was a mistake. I don’t… I try in general to accept challenges from people I haven’t played before but I’m not going to abort the game. So here we go. e3 okay. The thing is if the right response is usually considered e6 then knight […]

“I get my revenge!” | Magnus Carlsen vs. Laurent Fressinet

We have the famous Zlatan. I lost to him with his Banter Blitz, let’s see if he can make it three in a row and let’s see if he’s prepared in this system. Maybe he doesn’t want to show, show our prep. Don’t think this is the most critical but could be wrong. Yeah there’s […]

“I’m never happy if I don’t win!” | Magnus Carlsen vs. chess24 user Krypto

Okay Krypto. Another German, that wasn’t my intention. I don’t have anything against Germans but I don’t want to play only Germans, two out of the last three. Okay let me get back to my usual banter blitz opening see if people have learnt. My guess is they haven’t. Maybe he has. He’s playing quite […]

THE ULTIMATE YASUO Montage – Best Yasuo Plays 2019 by RaKaSaMa ( League of Legends )

Các thánh ơi… Các thánh có mệt mỏi khi phải gồng gánh Team tạ ở Hell Elo không? BLITZ sẽ giúp các thánh đỡ mệt mỏi :)) ( Có ngôn ngữ Tiếng Việt nha ) Đề xuất tướng phù hợp nhất với đội hình và Meta ngay trong khi chọn tướng… Đề xuất tướng phù […]