Chess wunderkind WESLEY SO and his tactics!

Wesley So is an American GM, but He was born and grew up in Philippines. He is a strongest chessplayer in the history of the Philippines. Wesley So is known as a chess Wunderkind. He won the title of GM in 2008 year of age fourteen. And this game was played in 2007 Here is […]

Magnus Carlsen was calming down Topalov after a chess game!

Let’s see the video. Carlsen asks Topalov: “Didn’t you see a win of peace? Topalov said:” What? ” Carlsen asks again: “You could win a peace on the 45th move. ” And then he explains how it could be happen. Let’s look at the board. The game played in 2014, the Sinquefield Cup. Carlsen played […]