How technology helps a blind retired man stay active

You’re listening to a Community Story from Be My Eyes. Hello, I’m Anthony from Malta. I am 66. When I was eight and a half, I had an accident in which I had suffered amputation of my left hand, and another two fingers from my right hand. It was very hard afterwards to continue even […]

SNAKE FROM SCRATCH (PART 1) – CS50 on Twitch, EP. 2

COLTON OGDEN: All right, we should be live here on CS50’s Twitch channel. Apologies for the delay. I’m afraid our PC actually had a blue screen of death. So we brought in a reserve machine. So thanks to Dan Coffey for helping out with that. But, yes, welcome to everybody who’s been patiently waiting in […]

Thank you from the National Federation of the Blind

Hello, I’m Mark Riccobono, President of the National Federation of the Blind. The National Federation of the Blind knows that blindness is not the characteristic that defines you or your future. Everyday we raise expectations of blind people because we recognize that low expectations create obstacles between blind people and our dreams. By supporting the […]

Let’s Play Shadow Man Ep. 3: An Irish Talking Snake with a Top Hat

>>RYAN: Hello, Internet people. Welcome back. We’re playing Shadow Man. Um, so far, I’m not sure if it is as good as people have said it is. [gunfire and monster weeping] There’s crying aliens screaming and blood. So that’s pretty cool. [gunfire and monster weeping]>>SHADOW MAN: Got it.>>RYAN: It’s wicked. I don’t have to aim. […]

SNAKE FROM SCRATCH (PART 2) – CS50 on Twitch, EP. 3

COLTON OGDEN: All right, I think we’re alive now. Sorry for the delay. This is CS50 on Twitch. My name is Colton Ogden and today we’re going to continue the stream that we did last week on Friday where we started implementing the game Snake from scratch. Recall, we ended up putting something together a […]

Crystal Veil – “A Piece in a Game of Chess” [Official Music Video]

i´m not the first but i´ll be the last to dig deep into your chest Shake your bones and neck like a pawn piece in this game of chess things will never be the same you can reach me throught this full paint i can feel this suddenly changes trying to take me out of […]

AppTV: Chess-Wise Gaming

– Hi, everyone, welcome back to another episode of App TV, I’m Richard Harlow. Today we’re going over a new gaming app. This one’s sure to impress, fancy a little chess? – Join me, Tasia Custode. – And me, Richard Harlow. – [Tasia] For another episode of APP TV. – Chess-wise, spelled with a hyphen […]