#chesssinhala #slchessacademy Opening Traps Part 1 (sinhala )

Hi welcome to sl chess academy . In this video I’m going to teach you a opening trap called Noah’s Ark The Noah’s Ark Trap is a chess opening trap in the Ruy Lopez. The name is actually used to describe a family of traps in the Ruy Lopez in which a white bishop is […]

Tàn Cuộc Xe Với Tượng || Cờ Vua Tàn Cuộc || Playchess1vn

Welcome to playchess1vn. This is the channel to share everything about chess. If this is your first time watching the channel Subscribe to the channel to receive new videos, soonest. You guys try to watch the whole video because at the end of the video I have a puzzle for you! The main content of […]

India’s KIA Expert (12 year old) GM D Gukesh

Hello everyone welcome to my YouTube channel today we are going to study an opening called “Kings Indian Attack” , we also study the game of World Champion Grandmaster Bobby Fischer and Grand Master D Gukesh of India, he became a grandmaster at the age of 12 years 7 months and 17 days which is […]

Visualizing Endgame Outcome: Series 10

Hello everyone, welcome to my YouTube channel. We are now in the Series 10 of Visualizing Endgame Outcome. The reason why this is the format of study or Presentation is to enable for you to assess outcomes of ending positions by checking pawn structures placement of pieces and color of bishops during middle gameplay We […]

Meet the Bishops!

Now that we’ve learned the rook I think it’s time we double your knowledge don’t you? Let’s learn our second piece, which is the bishop. A lot of kids think the bishop has his mouth open because he’s ready to eat some pieces. Before we can do some eating we have to set the table […]

Sherlock Holmes vs Moriarty Chess Game

Hello everyone, welcome to Semar Chess At this moment, Semar will analyze a very popular chess game that played by Sherlock Holmes vs Moriarty on movie Sherlock Holmes : A Game of Shadows This game was inspired from chess game GM Bent Larsen vs GM Tiger Petrosian at Santa Monica in 1966 of course with […]

Starting with a defensive mindset- Chess(Oct Part 6)

Starting the game with a defense in mind Slightly offensive but it can be defended Back off bishop so it can defend not attack Counter by opponent so I capture his pawn He does a counter to my counter Developing a piece Have to move my knight to a safe square Playing a prophylaxis move […]

The Snake Xenomorph – Explained

Among the several variant Xenomorphs developed by Kenner, the Snake Xenomorph, or, simply, Snake Alien, remains one of the more distinct alien types we’ve seen from that era, presenting a version of the xenomorph that seems to have had a snake for its host. Unlike some of the other variants seen from these alternate host […]

“Magnus is gonna beat you!” | Magnus Carlsen vs. chess24 user Magnus–DropsCamera

Yeah, so this is apparently a new account. Magnus–DropsCamera. Magnus is not going to drop the camera this time. Magnus is going to beat you that’s what I think is going to happen. Yeah I was going to play the elephant gambit. Now that, I’m going to play the king’s gambit. How’s that for DropsCamera? […]