Where Did Their Parents Go Wrong?

From serial killers to genocidal world leaders, join us today as we ask where did their parents go wrong? Today’s video was requested by Lisel M if you have any other topics you’d like to learn about, subscribe, and let us know in the comment section below. Number 6 Ted Bundy Ted Bundy is one […]

Ivan the Terrible: The First Stalin

He’s a man known to history literally as ‘the Terrible’. Ivan IV was the first tsar of Russia, the man who built the iconic St Basil’s Cathedral, and the ruler who defended Moscow from Tartar invasion. In Russian history, he’s a towering figure, behind perhaps only Peter the Great and Lenin in how he shaped […]

A Conversation With Koko

Who is that? [thank] me there, okay. That is you gorilla animal Coco Love Okay, that’s pretty good [that] [is] you you are a? lovely animal When penny Patterson and Coco a western lowland gorilla met nearly [30] years ago neither had any idea they would become friends for life in The long history of […]