A Game Of Cards With Blake Samson, Olly Wilkins, And Brendan Fairclough | Bike Park Challenges

– Welcome back you beautiful people and today we’ve got a different game. I’ve got two beautiful guests. We’ve got Olly Wilkins, we’ve got Brendan Fairclough and we’ve got Game of Cards. Now, with these games of cards dudes, whatever card you pick is what we got to do. Now, it could be a challenge, […]

Paris-Roubaix Winners And Losers | The GCN Show Ep. 222

– From Samford University. – In Birmingham, Alabama. – [Both] Welcome to the GCN Show. – From Centro de Couva, Mallorca, Spain. – [All] Welcome to the GCN Show. – [All] From the Hell of the North, welcome to the GCN Show! (cycling sounds) (upbeat music) – Welcome to the GCN Show. This week, we’re […]

LEGO Creator Harley-Davidson Fat Boy review! 10269

hello everyone this is the Lego creator expert Harley Davidson Fatboy now I need to admit right from the start that I am NOT a motorcycle guy however I think I can give you a decent overview of this model regardless at least I’ll try I want to start with something simple and fundamental how […]