CLASSY chess puzzle!

Hello chess friends, I’m starting the new chess puzzle series and would like to share some awesome puzzles. I will be going through various tactics, tips, initiatives, strategies in this series. I would like to show how to identify tactics in various kinds of positions Stay till the end of the video to find out […]

One Ding to Rule Them ALL || Ding vs MVL || Grand Chess Tour Finals (2019)

The Greatest Move in Chess History – Or So They Say

Hello everyone uh dis game comes as a suggestion from several subscribers uhh it was suggested you know from time to time now its – it was suggested again so I decided to do a video on it uhhh its a game between *names on screen deal with it* so two modern magicians and da […]

First Official World Fischer Random Champion!!! || Wesley So vs Carlsen || GAME 6

Showing Little to No Respect || Magnus Carlsen vs Pepe Cuenca || Banter Blitz Cup

Hello everyone and welcome to a really interesting game that took place in the chest 24 banter blitz match between Magnus Carlsen and Grandmaster Peppa cuenca. Now, this is round two in round one pepper cuenca defeated his opponent georgian grandmaster Levon Pencelaia with a score of 9 to 0 so magnus definitely took this […]

Merry Christmas Chess Puzzle to Brighten Your Day :)

Hello everyone and Merry Christmas everyone. I didn’t really have the time to prepare a game for you like I usually do But I decided since it is Christmas. I will at least share one a nice puzzle with you. I don’t remember the exact time I saw this puzzle, but I remember this one […]

Chess Strategy! Larsen Entombed His Opponent’s Pieces

Hello chess lovers. Suren here and I have a very interesting game for you played By Bent Larsen, against Axel Nielsen the game, was played at 1953 Nordic Championship. Larsen had white pieces and he started with 1.Nf3 Nf6 by Nielsen 2.c4 White goes for English opening 2…c5 3.d4 cxd4 4.Nxd4 Nc6 5.Nc3 d6 here […]

One of Bobby Fischer’s last great Chess game masterpieces – Game 25 vs Spassky 1992 (

Morning all, I’d like to show you this morning where I consider bobby Fischer’s last great game masterpiece and we will be visiting games earlier than this. This was in 1992, 20 years after the classic encounter with Spassky in Reykjavik, the 1972 match 20 years later. Fischer is playing this match for the kind […]

World Chess Champion Magnus Carlsen vs Ukraine GM Pavel Eljanov- Losses game in 24 movel GM Chess l

Today I’m gonna show you that how World Chess Champion Carlson losses a game in only 24 moves This game was played between Ukraine Grandmaster Pavel Eljanov and world chess champion Magnus Carlsen at world blitz championship in 2010 To know how white makes a plan to defeat the world chess champion. Stay tuned until […]