Hide And Seek In The DARK! Becca’s Lost!?

Okay, it’s dark outside. My hair is crazy. And it is time to play hide and seek. Okay. Before all the lights go out. I’m gonna explain. This whole floor is where we’re going to be playing we have Ryan, me. Michael, James, I think my mom is playing too. And Shinoah are you gonna […]

Best Short Chess Games 4 – How To Win Chess Game in 5 Moves

e4 d6 Bc4 Nd7 Nf3 g6 and white played Ng5 actually in this position Bf7 was winning and on Kf7 Ng5 now there are three possible lines for black first one is Ke8 then Nc6 and queen is trapped second one is Kf6 then Qf3 and he can’t take on g5 because of d4 or […]

Game of the Year

Remember when Operation Flashpoint won game of the year back in 2001 and when you look at the gameplay it’s easy to understand how it beat out Final Fantasy 10, Paper Mario Twisted Metal Black, Pikmin Grand theft auto 3 Metal Gear Solid 2 Rogue Squadron 2 Smash brothers: melee Halo: Combat Evolved Remember when […]

Best Short Chess Games 2 – Budapest gambit

d4 Nf6 c4 e5 de5 Ng4 this is Budapest gambit Nc3 other moves are Nf3 and Bf4 d6 one of ideas to sacrifice pawn for attack better was Ne5 ed6 Bd6 h3 this is weak better was Nf3 beautiful knight sacrifice and King is out of his comfort zone Qh4 check Kf3 in case of […]

Best Short Chess Games 6 – How to Win Chess Game in 6 Moves

d4 Nf6 c4 e5 this is great opening for people who love to attack de5 Ne4 a3 d6 and he sacrificed pawn for attack ed6 Bd6 and as you can see he has already developed two of his pieces g3 another passive move and of course there are some tactics here and that is Nf2 […]

Best Short Chess Games 5 – How To Win Chess Game in 6 Moves

d4 d5 c4 e6 Nc3 c5 and this is Tarrasch defense Bf4 cd4 and white made big mistake he took knight on b8 what happens is that after d3 he can’t move his Bishop to e5 because of cb2 problem is that he can’t take on b2 because of Bb4 and he is losing queen […]


hello everybody and welcome to our new video with your best short chess games Today have a game which is even shorter than in the previous video it’s mate in 7 moves hope you’ll enjoy e4 Nf6 Sc3 d5 e5 d4 Nce2 Ng4 and this is originally played opening Nh3 of course this is bad […]

Best Short Chess Games – Not the shortest but incredible game

the winner of this game was black e4 e5 c3 Nc6 main line is d5 d4 Nf6 Bg5 h6 Bh4 g5 Bg3 ed4 e5 and now one brilliant movedc3 and one mistake ef6 better was Nc3 bd2 and Qe2 this was White’s idea and he thought he was winning but now one incredible move Qe7 […]

Best Short Chess Games 3 – How To Win Chess Game in 4 Moves

d4 Nf6 Nd2 e5 de5 Ng4 h3 this is big blunder because of Ne3 and Queen is trapped only thing that what white can do is to take Knight on e3 but then Qh4 and mate is coming only possible move is g3 and Qg3 is mate there’s also another variation of this mate but […]

Best Short Chess Games 7 – How to Win Chess Game in 6 Moves

e4 e6 this is french defence d4 d5 Nd2.c5 dc5 this is not precisive move Bc5 and Ne2 this is decisive blunder because of Qb6 he can’t protect pawn on f2 and that’s why he resigned the only way to continue game is to play Nd4 and after Bd4 Qe2 Ne7 and rest is pointless […]