Your best chess combinations

everybody this video is all about the one game which is sent to us by Matija Ivic, thank you Matija now let’s move his victory long combination starts with this move black can either capture knight on f6 with pawn or with bishop or lose his Queen it he takes with bishop then white has […]

Your best chess combinations 3

hello everybody and welcome to our new video with your best combinations always remember that we are all all one people and you can be a part of Caissa’s dreams by sending us your combination pr short game or just by simply clicking on subscribe button this is a beginning of position interesting thing is […]

Your best chess combinations 2

hello everybody today we prepaired one game played by young chess player from India okay let’s start with His game first move b3 often played e4 and d4 but b3 is also possible and you can find it in the games of big champions d5 trying to control all the center squares which is also […]