A Famous Chess Puzzle Known As The “King’s Grave”

Hello YouTube, Chess Strategy here and I have a mind-blowing endgame study for you composed by Armenian chess composer Genrikh Kasparian who is considered to be one of the greatest composers of chess endgame studies. This was first published in 1937 in a Soviet chess magazine “Chess in the USSR”. It’s white to move and […]

Chess Endgame Puzzle with Solution: Find Best Moves for White – Chess Talk Tricks & Ideas

Hello Chess Friends and welcome to Chess Talk. Wish You All a Very Happy New Year 2018. This video is going to be a very short one but I am sure you will get some new ideas out of it. I came across this very unique chess puzzle so I thought of sharing it with […]

Why do engines fail to solve a 400 year old chess puzzle?

Hello chess lovers. Here is a chess puzzle by Gioachino Greco. This was created in 1623 and its black to move and draw the game. Let’s first turn on the engine Komodo 10 infinite analyzes and then I will speak about this puzzle and also will try to answer the question why are chess engines […]

Infinite Chess | Impossible Puzzles on An Infinite Board

hello everyone and welcome to a video that is completely different than all of my other videos why is it completely different you ask well it’s because this video uses an infinite chess board and to really show you what I mean by an infinite chess board first we’re gonna use this chess board to […]

One of the Most Famous Chess Endgame Puzzles Ever

Hi everyone it’s Jerry. This is one of the most famous endgame puzzles ever. It’s one that has many stories surrounding it, and if that’s of interest to you I have included a couple links in the description to this video that not only show the puzzle’s solution but again it discusses the many stories […]