Kasparov blunders and loses a Queen and a Chess Game to Anand!

In this game Garry Kasparov missed counterattack and lost queen! The game plays in Geneva Switzerland in 1996. Blitz tournament. Viswanathan Anand was rival of Garry Kasparov. He played white. let’s look at the screen. Black has two extra pawns, and a positional advantage. In this complex for white position Anand plays RE1. We can […]

Adolf Anderssen didn’t take the queen sacrifice and lost the game!

This game Adolf Andersen and famous German chess player Max Lange played in 1859 The Ruy Lopez opening on the board and black move Nd4 This move is not contradicts to opening principles as the exchanges followed next and lower advantage of White N:d4 e:d and Bc4 Nf6 a good move, It puts a positional […]