Bobby Fischer vs Boris Spassky: Game 6 | 1972 World Chess Championship

In 1972 the chess world witnessed something very special. It was this Round 6 game of the World Chess Championship between Bobby Fischer and Boris Spassky. Special for many reasons. To name a few…Fischer for only the third time in serious play began with c4, and regarding the game itself it’s maybe best described in […]

Shortest Game (Decisive) in World Chess Championship History – Anand vs. Gelfand – Game 8

Hi everyone, it’s Jerry. This is game 8 from the 2012 FIDE World Chess Championship match, or what might be better recognized as the “Shortest Game in World Chess Championship History”. Viswanathan Anand has the white pieces in this game, and is trailing three points to Boris Gelfand’s four. Let’s have a look and see […]