How A Game Of Chess Saved Bernstein’s Life During The Red Terror

This is Russian chess master Ossip Bernstein, who crossed swords with the strongest chess players of his era and played his immortal game at the age of 72. But before reaching the old age it was his chess skills that saved his life while still being young and gave the start of his adventurous lifelong […]

Chess Trap in the Opening: opponent took two rooks and achieve Checkmate!

let’s consider another variant in the Philidor defence d6 d4 the centre attack Nf6 Nimzowitsch offered This move. Black, attacking the pawn on e4, want winning pace for development d:e N:e4 and Bc4 Modern variant associated with the continuation of Nbd2 and after Nc5 Nc4, d5 The move Qd5 also continue to a complex game. […]