Lightseekers Card Game Intro Pack

Get ready for the next level of connected play with the Lightseekers trading card game Storm vs Tech Intro Pack from Tomy. The Lightseekers trading card game is a fast-paced tactical card game for two or more players made up of more than 385 augmented reality trading cards. As well as being an exciting tabletop […]

Lightseekers the Trading Card Game Trailer!

Prepare for battle with the Lightseekers Trading Card Game! Fast paced action for 2 or more players that’s easy to learn whilst also offering depth and complexity for more advanced deck builders. The world of Lightseekers is home to 6 powerful orders. Tech, Storm, Mountain, Nature, Astral and Dread. Each starter deck offers its own […]

Iliqchuan is the way of playing chess

One hand is above, another is under. Just to be equal And now he is doing first move, unbalance me I am not resisting And now i am observing: what happened He closed my lower back and turned off my shoulder-joint As a result my energy do not circulates anymore If I am trying to […]