Save Little Flash from BENDY’s INK MACHINE! (Hide and Seek Family Game) KIDCITY

we’re in the world link telescope or arm what is this doing over here it’s been a zinc machine not sure but whatever you do don’t pull this lever Ava come out of there we got things to do so today we are playing bendy elimination hide-and-seek elimination what that means hey who are you […]

15 Secret Rooms In Video Games


– We have to go find these guys. I don’t want to do it as much as you don’t want to, but if we don’t follow along with a little game of hide and seek, then we might be hiding forever; in the grave! I’m just gonna leave this here. Okay, we don’t have to […]

Game Theory: Bendy FOOLED Us! Predicting the Chapter 5 REVEAL! (Bendy and the Ink Machine Chapter 4)

MatPat has gone crazy. He has us running the Theory Machine 24/7. He says he needs to “Appease the YouTube Algorithm” to save us all. Whatever that means… The Theory Machine was never meant to sustain this kind of load. Things are bound to go wrong. I heard the machine said that Han and Leia […]