Element Silver Edition | Game the Game

(upbeat music) – Hey, friends, welcome to Game the Game. I’m your host, Becca Scott and today we are playing Element Silver. Let me introduce our guests. We have Noura Ibrahim. Of course you recognize her from Vampire: The Masquerade, LA by Night as Ib. – Yes, hello! – We have Mike Richie, the Director […]

The Mind | Game the Game

(upbeat music) Hey friends, welcome to Game The Game. I’m your host, Becca Scott, and today we are playing The Mind. (gasping) Let me introduce you to my guests, Rachel Seeley, welcome back. That’s me, thanks! How ya been? Pretty good, how you been? Pretty good! Erika Fermina, hi! Hi! Welcome back! Thank you! You’ve […]

How to Play The Runelords Board Game

– We’re recruiting vassals and raiding the armory. That’s right, it’s The Runelords from Red Djinn Productions. The Runelords, based in the world of the hit fantasy series by David Farland, is divided into two sections: the sovereignty stage, where players create their decks of assets and the combat stage, where they duke it out […]

The Game Show of Nerdy Corrections (Harry Potter, Catan and Tetris)

(upbeat music) – From Shy Guys to Shai-Hulud nerds like a lot of things but there’s something they love above all else and that is correcting people. This is Um, Actually. (upbeat music) Joining us today we have Erika Ishii. – Hello everyone – [Host] Eme Ikwuakor – Hey. – [Host] And Becca Scott – […]

Foundations of Rome | Game the Game

(upbeat funky music) – Hey, welcome to “Game the Game!” I’m your host, Becca Scott and today we are playing “Foundations of Rome.” I have two incredible guests, let me introduce you to them. Ivan Van Norman! – Hello, Becca. (laughs) – Hello, Ivan. – Good to see you again. – You said that like […]

How to Play Foundations of Rome

– We’re buying lots and building resplendent libraries! That’s right, it’s Foundations of Rome from Arcane Wonders. (lively music) This city-planning Caesar-fest pits two to four players against one another in a competition for glory points. By building the most impressive and well-placed structures in Rome, one player will be crowned as the most influential […]

How to Play Talisman: Kingdom Hearts

– We’re collecting Keyblades and fighting the Heartless. That’s right, it’s “Talisman: Kingdom Hearts” edition from The Op. (upbeat music) This IP-packed adventure game pits two to six players as characters from the Disney, Pixar, and Square Enix universes. Over the course of the game, they’ll journey through the world of “Kingdom Hearts”, acquiring objects, […]

Jaws | Game the Game

(upbeat music) – Hello Chum, welcome to Game the Game. I’m your host, Becca Scott, and today on the show, we’re playing Jaws. Let me introduce you to my guests. We have the incredible Aliza Pearl. – Hello! – You know her from Callisto 6. – And many other things. – A very special Shark […]

How to Play DC Funkoverse

– We’re cleaning up Gotham City and cavorting around a criminal carnival. That’s right, it’s the DC Funkoverse Strategy Game from Funko Games. (upbeat music) This Pop-size tactical fighter game pits two teams of players as heroic Funko Pop characters, duking it out with brains, brawn, and batarangs. One quick note. We’re showing off the […]

How to Play Horrified: Universal Monsters

– We’re stocking up on garlic and hunting down coffins. That’s right! It’s Horrified. The Universal Studios monster game from Ravensburger. (music) This carnivorous co-op pits one to five mortals against a variety of monsters, including the Wolfman, the Mummy, and Dracula. The team of humans must complete tasks unique to each monster in order […]