Disney Comics In Motion | Disney Princess | Pocahontas “Hide and Seek”

[LIGHTHEARTED MUSIC] NAKOMA: We have the day all to ourselves. What shall we do? POCAHONTAS: Hmm. NAKOMA: We could canoe to the falls, or there’s the caves, or– Pocahontas? [POCAHONTAS LAUGHS] Oh no. We are not playing hide and seek. You know I’m terrible at it. POCAHONTAS: Too late. NAKOMA: Let’s see. Pocahontas usually hides […]

10 AMAZING PRINCESS Dress CAKES 👑 Compilation!

dark meat is the best ice with white icing smooth icing out with a piece of kitchen towel roll fondant out cut fondant to shape shown place fondant on cake place other pieces of fondant on cut hole in top of cake make face out of peach coloured fondant paint fondant as shown cut out […]