Интерактивные фэнтези шахматы в игре Battle vs Chess!

Hello friends! This is a review of the game “Battle vs Chess”. This game has many options Let’s see a single game “Battlefield” The fight is possible in classical chess rules But we will fight in the magical fantasy chess. Choose a “confrontation”. We choose the place of battle. In classical chess game added interactive […]

Chess- Death Battle Edition

There are only sounds

battle chess game of kings

CGRundertow BATTLE CHESS for NES Video Game Review

As a lifelong gamer and most of all as an adult, my head is filled with distractions. That’s probably why I’m not a very good chess player. Combine arguably the most popular board game in history with 8-bit representations of chess pieces that have come to life to serve your purposes, and you’ve got…well, chess. […]