Both:(laughing) Roi: i am not going to surivive lets do this Guava power c’mon Why is this so heavy? This is a real challenge! Oh you guys, are getting heavier Alright so here I am, in my famous bathtub! Jay lets go do it! Here we go! oh my gosh Not just a snake, it’s […]

Mystery Wheel of Food Challenge! *SLIME CAKE* Learn How To Make DIY Sour Switch Up Oobleck Food

– It’s a slime cake! – Aaahhh! – And you– – Oh! (glass shattering) – Oh no! – Why? – You killed the mystery wheel of slime challenge. – Dude, we were gonna eat that. – What’s wrong with the cake? – Why? – Oh no. Well, luckily we’ve got some mystery wheels so right […]


What’s up? Today I’m gonna fill my bathtub with snakes. [NERVOUS LAUGHTER] Why am I doing this? So I’m joined here with my friends Brian and Jay, and they’re going to make sure I don’t die, because they’re snake experts. No promises. Check their channels out. This is Brian, snakebytestv, or his vlog channel, brianbarczyk. […]