Snake v. Bat | World’s Deadliest

NARRATOR: In a world full of dangerous serpents, one particular snake stands out– the eyelash palm pit viper. [dramatic suspenseful music] These serpents aren’t known to be friendly. They don’t welcome intruders, and their defense is deadly. [dramatic suspenseful music] This is a snake to watch out for, if you can. It’s so good at […]


Service training so that when serving a bet or a racket it is not exposed to the stomach that is by way of exercise we have to practice throwing balls the throw must be straight straight around the area of ​​our body not backwards or not backward but straight then when hitting the ball here […]

Heavy Forehand Chop Table Tennis / CARA FOREHAND CHOP PADAT TENIS MEJA

Assalmu’alaikum Warokhmatullohiwabarokatuh The AJI PINGPONG channel will explain how heavy chop techniques. and contains a lot of backspin on table tennis chop forehand techniques the elbow becomes the main moving point and upper arm as balance, and the lower arm moves forward look at the video forward movement the slope of the racket is around […]

How To Hold a Table Tennis Bat

okay now we’re just going to demonstrate the shake hand grip to hold the bat with the shake hand bat you put your pointer finger down one side of the bat and your thumb down the other Now you might ask why do you need your pointer finger down there why can’t you just hold […]


Back to the Aji Pingpong channel In this video the Aji Pingpong channel will share how to backhand technique topspin loop This technique is demonstrated by athletes from PTM Stoni, Nadio which is an athlete still in elementary school age but have a good technique to be able to applied by all friends. Watch this […]

Serve Table Tennis Tomahawk Kenta Matsudaira

Assalamu’alaikum Warokhmatullohiwarokatuh The AJI PINGPONG channel will share about How to do Tomahawk service techniques like Kenta Matsudaira To grip / grip the racket like this and movements like rock hitting motion down So the racket is held upright (standing), then contact on the side bottom ball section or right side of the ball see […]

Penhold Techniques for Table Tennis

Hi I’m Alois Rosario from PingSkills. Today we’re going to show you the Penhold Grip. To use the Penhold Grip you have your thumb and your pointer finger encircling the handle. On the other side of your bat you can have your three fingers flat or curved. Whatever your preference is. You’ll notice that Matt […]

How to play table tennis – Block

Hey, I’m Geogina Pota, and I will show you how to block The Forehand and Backhand blocks are defensive strokes The efficiency behind block strokes is gained by using the speed and strength of the opponent’s stroke Reading the opponent and good timing are key for a good execution This tutorial is for right-handers, For […]

Pt 3: One Piece Prototype vs 40mm vs 38mm Table Tennis Balls – Players Impressions

[Me] What about visibility, did you find that ball easier to see… the new one? – Yeah, only because it’s a lot bigger. – Bigger. [Me] Could you actually tell the difference between all three? – Yes, you could see the difference in size. – Yes. – [Me] Even between the 40mm? – Yeah you […]

How To Play Table Tennis – Service Basics

Hi, I am Marcos Freitas, I would show you some basic serves This serve is initial and the most individual stroke There are many different types of serves which together with several averages create complex combinations It is also the only stroke that doesn’t depend on the opponent That makes this stroke truly unique And […]