. * sie ächzt * Hey, hi Leute, mein Name ist Lina, willkommen zu einem neuen Video. Heute mal wieder mit Vitali, meinem Cousin. Ähm, hi. Ich bin echt gespannt, was heute rauskommt. Heute machen wir die Origami-Challenge. Ich hab sie schon mit Lucy gemacht, mit Dima, aber noch nie mit Vitali. Also dachte ich […]

FIMO König: Polymer Clay Chess King – Tutorial [HD/DE] (EN-Sub)

In chess, each player has one king. In french the figure is called “Roi d’échecs“. The king is the most important figure in the game. The king can not defend itself. If a opposing figure attacks, the king must retreat. The king can move in all directions, but only one field. Of course the king […]

FIMO Königin: Polymer Clay Chess Queen – Tutorial [HD/DE] (EN-Sub)

In chess, each player has one queen also known as lady. In English, the figure is called “Queen“ in french “Reine d’échecs“. The queen is like the tower a major piece. The queen is the strongest character in the game. The queen has the value of nine pawns. The lady moves diagonally and linearly. She […]

FIMO Läufer: Polymer Clay Chess Bishop – Tutorial [HD/DE] (EN-Sub)

Each player has in chess two Bishops. The Bishop is a minor piece and one of the officers of the royal couple. The Bishop can run as much as he wants, but only on his field color. The Bishop can move in all directions always diagonally. The bishops are offensive game pieces that are moved […]

FIMO Turm: Polymer Clay Chess Rook – Tutorial [HD/DE] (EN-Sub)

On the chess board each side has two chess towers, which are called rook in English. One game figure guarding the kingside, the other one the queenside. The rook can run as much as he wants. Forwards, backwards and sideways, but not diagonally. It can run on white and black playing fields. The rooks are […]