BOX FORT ZOMBIE SURVIVAL BASE!! 📦😱 The Walking Dead Box Fort!

previously on the last episode infecting the people is the only way that I can ensure I’ll be the richest person activating the virus now slim we wave when we get out there there might be zombies who want you to follow me we’re gonna run as fast as we can to the woods don’t […]

NINTENDO LABO BOX FORT!! 📦👾 Mario Kart, Table Tennis, Swords & More!

gee oh gee what are you doing looking out front I was trying to cryogenically freeze myself you stopped it I was just about to fall asleep what what is it Jake it’s it’s Friday it’s today in January Janey movie no no no no it’s it’s supposed to be February lovely ruin everything I […]

Indian Tuition Class | Take 900 POV

Hello, dweebs! So Medhaa, Finished assignments uh? What do you think? (Pfft, what is that like 15 pages) Can I Borrow a pen? Thanks, da. Vikram, my mom was asking – did you pay the fees? 1661 Sweden. What? (What?) Quiet. You! Where were you yesterday? Sir my dog ate my homework, sir. What?! You […]