Can Susana Yabar Keep Up with Hugo Calderano’s Table Tennis Workout | Hitting the Wall

– Ready? – No. Oh! No, no, no! (HITTING THE WALL) I am Susana Yábar. I have a YouTube channel in Spain. And I came to Rio because I’ve been invited by Hugo. And I’m going to spend a day with him to see how he works out. I don’t think it’s going to be […]

Grip Strength & Hand Exercise

My name is Dr. Terry Zachary and we are going to talk about how to properly train your hand muscles for maximum performance and also to maximize injury prevention. I have dealt with athletes for about the last fifteen (15) years with hand muscle training, how to maximize grip strength, how to maximize the reduction […]

ZIVA Balance Board – Lunge

Now we are going to do a balancing lunge. We are going to put one foot in the middle of the balance board, then, step the other leg back, so the front leg is going dealing with a significant amount of balance challeng, while also working that hip. So we will sink down into that […]

Playing Chess on 280m Chimney

I need to take my phone from the waist bag Move it up! What’s the factor of this sunscreen cream? About 30… Oh, that’s great! Silence! Wait for the dogs to calm down! I was never noisier than this 😐 Oh, look at it! What if we climb on the inside? Is this under the […]