The coach behind India’s Badminton success | Olympic India

Counter, badminton score

Read off the screen, people. ChapGuy295 here with Read off the screen, people. Do you want to play competitively but no one remembers the score? Is it because no one is willing to be the umpire? You guys know what to do here. Introducing the new Cimple Cecore Counter! Upon the first look, you might […]

Viktor Axelsen bedazzles PWG Freestyle with his badminton matrix workout | Hitting the Wall

My name is Philip Warren Gertsson, and I’m a professional football freestyler. I’m here in beautiful Odense, Denmark. I’m here to meet up with Viktor Axelsen, professional badminton player. He recently won a bronze medal in Rio. The weather’s not perfect, we know, but that does not stop an Olympian from training. Viktor, right? -Viktor, […]

Badminton Trick Shots

What’s up everybody! We are Pongfinity As you know Our ping pong trick shots are on point But what about badminton? Today we’re going to do Badminton trick shots! I’m sure I will beat Miikka and Emil at the same time Not bad! Not so friendly pass! I should have caught that! I’m sorry! Impressive! […]

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