G.E.M.【來自天堂的魔鬼 AWAY】Official MV [HD] 鄧紫棋

Beautiful nightmares awakening deep desires within You’re the black hole in my mind I can no longer resist All of my control and intuitions are held by your mystical attraction you dear, are a dangerous maze a maze without an exit You’re the notorious devil from heaven Spare me from your gentle words your subconscious […]

SNAKE & QUIET: THE LOVE STORY | Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain Montage

Cinderella where’d you go your father said you’re not at home Cinderella who’s that guy I saw you by the side all night Cinderella can’t you see my blood is thicker than money I’ll stop writing fairytales my props for saving my hero fly away fly away fly away fly away fly away fly away […]