Leadership: Chess vs Checkers (#VEDA 7) | PalkaDots

11:41…jeeeez. I’m doing so many things, but it’s so fun. All right, so maybe I get this up before midnight. Maybe not. It might be a miracle if I do, but it’s shorter, it’s better, it’s faster. I was thinking about leadership today and teamwork and there’s a really good image from Dr. Tim Elmore’s […]

OSHO: General Meeting Buddha Hall 19. May 1989

presents General Meeting 19 May 1989 Gautam the Buddha Auditorium, Pune, India On Monday, 10 April 1989 Osho speaks for last time in public to the assembly of his sannyasins and friends This moment you are the most blessed people on the earth. Remembering yourself as a Buddha is the most precious experience, because it […]

How to treat a SNAKE BITE

SACHIN: On this cool evening, I will enjoy a stroll! Screaming It is good if you were able to notice the colour, body scales, head or any special characteristic of the snake which bit you. But if you missed it, need not worry. Remember don’t waste time in catching or seeing the snake. It’s not […]