(18 Mistakes) In Avengers – End Game | Plenty Mistakes In ” Avengers – End Game ” Full Movie.

Oye, Who is That? Look Back.. In This Scene.. That Thor is trying to Flirt with captain Marvel.. Ahm ahm Well, When Thor Grab His Hammer. Then Too Much Captain Marvel’s hairs Blown Up. But When camera takes Front Angle. Then Her Hairs Are Look Like Never Have been Blown Up. Well That Was The […]

Captain America vs Iron Man? Who has more fans?

For those who don’t know, Iron Man and Captain fight side-by-side as Avengers and they have recently saved our pretty universe. But we Humans have competitive kind of nature. We love comparison. So, comment down below, who you love the most? Captain America or Iron Man. Yeah, that would be a hell of contest. But, […]