Scary Games – The Illuminati Card Game

To start off, I would like to say that this card game really exists, and it can be bought. You can decide for yourself if you want to believe that it is a theory and we’re all gonna die, but you can’t deny that this card game can’t be coincidence. Before telling the whole story, […]

How To Write Parents

Hey all and welcome to my vlog! My name is Erin and this is How To Write Parents. This is going to focus on the parents of your characters as opposed to your characters as the parent with dependent children. In so many stories the parents of your lead are either incompetent, dead, or absent. […]

Biscooti Love – Rochelle Potkar – kalArt English Poetry

Memory is… images of a prepubescent boy cycling home, Parag milk packets in one of his arms, feeding biscuits to a stray gaggle of brown dogs, wagging their shins. Large half-moon eyes, kind salivating tongue, his smile showed no cookie-crescent as he fed them all; he was my first love. More than the girls, the […]

The key to transforming yourself — Robert Greene at TEDxBrixton

Translator: Marta Palacio Reviewer: Denise RQ After the publication of my first book “The 48 laws of power,” I began to receive requests for advice from people in every conceivable profession and at every level of experience. Over the years, I have now personally consulted with over 100 different people. In so many of the […]

Magnus Carlsen lost chess game to an Amateur!

This blitz game was played in Yerevan twenty-second of June in 2014. Magnus Carlsen played white. His opponent was Member of Parliament Armenia Tachat Vardapetyan. White begin to attack in the center with the move d4. e:d, c:d and Ng6, Nc3, Bb4 and short castling B:c3 10.b:c3 0-0 11. Bc2 White keeps his bishops, scheduling […]