Chess – Secret of Amazing Traxler Counter Attack part 2 and theory of really dangerous opening

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How to solve and learn tactical patterns from Chess Puzzles: Puzzle Practice #80

Hi all – I thought we could do a puzzle from – Play menu… rated puzzles section .. so okay .. so the Play..Rated Puzzles section – will click start and let’s choose one which is a good rating on this has got a good rating 3.8 out 5 – alright … so it’s […]

The Greatest Queen sacrifice in Chess History : Nezhmetdinov vs Chernikov (1962)

Arguably the Greatest Queen Sacrifice in Chess History. Hi all I thought we could revisit a fantastic attacking masterpiece which has a brilliant positional queen sacrifice. This is the game of Rashid Nezhmetdinov. He was playing against Oleg Chernikov in the 1962 Chigorin Team cup competition. Chigorin was considered one of the fathers of the […]

Two simple chess traps in the opening “Danish Gambit”!

we analize simple trap in Danish Gambit today White sacrificed two pawns to get the attack. Bc4 c: b, and B: b2 Bb4 + Remind that the main continuation here is considered Nf6, and after e5 d5 e:f, Bb4 + the exchanging variant leads to a rather tactical game Let’s go back to our party […]