Snake Egg Prank!

-Hey, what’s up, guys? Dane here again, and we’re gonna do the rattlesnake egg prank. That’s right, we’ve got two packages. One with rattlesnake eggs in ’em and the other one… just has a little contraption that rattles when you open it. So, we’re gonna go around the office and scare some people. Let’s do […]

Ma Long Backhand Techniques

Welcome to the channel of coach EmRatThich. Special thanks to zzglily has shared this training video of Ma Long. He practices the backhand attack against backspin ball from a chopper. You could be impressive of Ma Long’s backhand. But don’t train like that. In the history of table tennis, there are only a few players […]

How to Play Lightseekers The Card Game

​Welcome to this brief overview of the Lightseekers Trading Card Game.It’s a game that’s deceptively simple, with a wealth of depth and complexity to discover for yourself.Take on the role of a powerful hero, collect winning action cards and devastating combos, then defeat your opponents and reign victorious. There are six Orders in the game – […]

How To Develop An Aggressive Backhand – Table Tennis University

Okay you ask backhand, you want to try to attack. You said you only know push and block. Maybe you have good control already. So if you already have good control this is easy to add more power. So first thing I want to talk about topspin You already know the block. Here control and […]

Third Ball Attack In Table Tennis | Chinese training

Welcome to the channel of coach EmRatThich. Today I will explain to you the key points of how to do a 3rd ball attack in table tennis. The 3rd ball attack is your first attack or a shot to open a series of attacks later. Who attacks first, in general, will have a higher chance […]

How To Third Ball Attack Instead Of Pushing – Table Tennis University

You ask if there’s any drill to help you serve and loop. Ya we have a drill there. So you serve, now you’re… thinking after serve you want to attack and but most time happen no good chance so you just push back. Now when you practice this one you have to know serve and […]

Attacking Plain Topspin Serves | Table Tennis | PingSkills

Hi, I’m Jeff Plumb from and Faseeh’s asked us a question about returning plain topspin serves. He always has trouble and ends up just lobbing the ball up high for his opponent to smash. So initially Faseeh you want to play the ball back so it’s nice and low almost like a block shot. […]

How To Improve Your Fourth Ball Attack – Table Tennis University

For all the attackers they all want to attack first. How can you faster than them? So, your short game return the serve very important. So how can you return make a good chance for yourself? Uh… most people in China we just return with a short. So when we return the serve bottom spin, […]