Michael Vick’s Historic Upset | Falcons vs. Packers 2002 NFC Wild Card Playoffs | NFL Full Game

>>Al Michaels with John Madden and Melissa Stark. Welcome to Green Bay, where 35 years ago, they played a game here when it was -17. We won’t have an Ice Bowl tonight. It’s not quite the Pro Bowl either, but it’s 28 degrees and, all things considered, not too terrible. The Falcons come in as […]

Did Nicki Minaj Make A Chess Move?

hey good evening boss hogg on a Sunday night this is the Star report all right all right all right hell of a weekend I had and I’m refreshed and well rested and I want to chop it up tonight talk about a few things before the Monday comes rolling around let me just say […]

Is A$AP Rocky Built For Jail?

hey boss hogg on a Tuesday evening how you feel okay this is the star report in case you’re new to the show my name is troy terrain AKA star okay alright um things want to talk about tonight Cordy be cardi B does she have political power cardi B recently sat down with Bernie […]