Trivia Quiz Game Template – Update 1.8 features

You have the option to prevent a quiz from repeating questions. Once all questions in a quiz have been asked, they will repeat again. The record for each question is based on the text of the question. You can apply quiz-wide changes to some of the values in the quiz, such as Bonus and Time. […]

Using special symbols in XML – Trivia Quiz Game

If you try to import an XML file with a special symbol like “&” in it, you will get an error Instead, you need to write these symbols in a special way in order to use them For example the “&” symbol should be written as “&” in order to appear correctly in the XML […]

Use rewarded UnityAd to give extra life in Trivia Quiz Template

Let’s start by switching into one of the UnityAds supported platforms (Android or iOS) For this video we will use the Android platform Now let’s open the Unity Services window and Sign In Select your team organization for this project in order to activate Unity Services Turn on UnityAds Service, confirm the age group for […]

Adding Dreamlo leadeboard to Trivia Quiz Game

First import the free DreamLo plugin from the Unity Asset Store (don’t forget to give a rating!) Let’s also download the custom script that allows us to use the leaderboards inside Trivia Quiz Game Drag the script into our project Find the dreamlo folder in your project and drag dreamloPrefab object into your scene We […]

How to make a 2D Game in Unity

So, a question we get asked a lot is how to make a 2D game? Of course, this is a huge question to answer. But, hopefully, this video should help point you in the right direction. And this is actually filmed on our brand-new video camera. So, I hope the quality is all right. Apparently, […]