The Immortal “not so smooth” Chess game: Magnus Carlsen vs Bacrot : Grand Chess Tour Paris 2017

Hi all! Let’s look at another amazing game from the Grand Chess Tour in Paris the rapid section of the event magnus carlsen was playing white against Étienne Bacrot so one the top French players e4 e5 from Bacrot Nf3 Knight c6 we have Giuoco Piano territory. White castles Nf6 looks pretty standard so far. […]

Working backward to solve problems – Maurice Ashley

Translator: Andrea McDonough Reviewer: Bedirhan Cinar There’s a myth that grandmasters can see ten, fifteen, twenty moves ahead. And it’s a great myth because I’m a grandmaster and it makes me look like a super freaking genius. But the truth is, in just the first four moves, there are 318 billion ways you could play. […]