10 Ways To Make Your Own Fun – HOW TO

[quirky horn sounds] [upbeat drum music] Hello art fans! It’s time for ten ways to make your own fun! Number one: Grab a few items from your trash and make a monster or animal. Challenge your friends and family to make their own! Item number two: Pretend to be someone else for a day. Can […]

NMPBS ¡COLORES!: Photographer Don Bartletti

>>PHOTOGRAPHER DON BARTLETTI DOCUMENTS MIGRATION FOR SURVIVAL. ♪♪ >>Lopez: Why are the people in your photographs important?>>Bartletti: They’re part of history. They’re part of the changing face of America, and they represent a basic human need, migration for survival. It’s as old as humanity, as unstoppable as the wind. And, I think frequently misunderstood, which […]

Chess – the Musical at UCI

Hi, my name is Gary Busby, and I’m the chair of the drama department here at UC Irvine but I’m also serving as the music director and conductor for CHESS here in the Irvine Barclay Theatre. The music in CHESS is very rich and layered it’s a very exciting score, so it’s been a challenge […]