Kids vocabulary – TOKYO_Olympic Sports – Learn English for kids – English educational video

English Singsing TOKYO 2020 Olympic Aquatics Aquatics Swimming Swimming Diving Diving Water Polo Water Polo Artistic Swimming Artistic Swimming Marathon Swimming Marathon Swimming Archery Archery Athletics Athletics Badminton Badminton Baseball Baseball Basketball Basketball Boxing Boxing Canoe Canoe Cycling Cycling Equestrian Equestrian Fencing Fencing Football Football Golf Golf Gymnastics Gymnastics Artistic Artistic Rhythmic Rhythmic Trampoline Trampoline […]

Should Themes Trump Logic – Code Geass’ Chess Treatment

Hello & Welcome – To Replay Value Let me ask you a question – did Code Geass’ Chess Scene in the Chinese Federation bother you? Because it didn’t bother me and I was kind of surprised to learn that it did bother so many people. Of course when I typically hear complaints about the more […]