Let’s Dance : A-Jax(에이젝스) _ Snake(능구렁이) [ENG/JPN SUB]

Hi This is A-Jax A-JAX turned into a boy expedition “Snake” showing humorous and mischievous charms Let’s learn the dance scheme of Snake from the third album. [Snake – This funky rock is standing out with funky bass play. It realistically unravels a fresh love story of a boy and a girl.] [A-Jax – Snake] […]

61 second Artist + exercise for the defensor (table tennis experts)

Hey this site Maciek we do the next test of a long tenon by the way I say a few things about the pivots and we show different exercises to improve your game pin earphone tell about how to play the pivots and that’s what makes me the biggest problems with players attacking pins can […]

HOW TO: Keep Your Art Motivation

Hello everyone and welcome to my channel I’m Ludosketches and today I’m going to talk about ways to keep you motivated to draw and make art the illustration I’m drawing right now is one that really made me think about this topic as It really helped to get my spark going and I hope it […]

‘Chess Piece ♟️& Bus Tattoos 🚌’ | Grudge Match Sneak Peek

Home sweet home. That shirt’s killing me right now. He just got off of a pirate ship? You know what you don’t tattoo in? White pants. Nope. Not good. Not smart. I don’t know what the hell Dane’s issue is. I thought this was a grudge match, not a lesson for daycare here. Here we […]

Rosanna Pansino – Perfect Together (Official Music Video)

(Classical Music Plays) Ahem, hmm, hmm, hmm, hmmm! Introducing Monsieur Jake Roper, and Madame iJustine. Monsieur Captain Sparklez and Madame Cassey Ho. Monsieur Jimmy Wong and Madame Abbe Drake. And now, introducing: General Michael Don Lamond and Mademoiselle Rosanna Pansino. Whoa! (Violin Screeches) Oh, my! Did you see that? (Laughter) (Pants rip) OH! (Laughter) If […]