The Language of Artificial Intelligence and How To Speak It / Episode 12 – The Medical Futurist

Hi, this is Dr. Bertalan Mesko, The Medical Futurist. In this episode I want to talk about a very special aspect of artificial intelligence. To understand A.I.’s future role in healthcare, medicine and your lives, you must understand the language it speaks. Yes, it speaks a language and you can master it.                             When people […]

Review and Federation AI: “Nepenthe” Picard E07

‘Ello, Ric here with a review of Star Trek Picard episode 7, “Nepenthe”. I actually felt that this episode was proceeding rather slowly, but then it finished and I was shocked that there went 58 minutes of my life. Yeah it was a slower paced episode, but I enjoyed every second of it. The highlights […]

Artificially Intelligent Models of Cancer for Precision Diagnosis and Treatment – Exploring Ethics

(robotic chiming) (upbeat music) – Tonight’s program is focused on personalized medicine and the use of artificial intelligence in cancer. Those come together in some really interesting ways. Our new technologies and in recent years have really told us a great deal about the genes we carry. And that’s helped us to better predict the […]

Google’s AI AlphaGo Is Beating Humanity At Its Own Games (HBO)

For decades, human beings have played games against computers. At first, computers struggled… but then, they started winning. — Watson? — What is Creed? — Yes! — And now, they’ve become so dominant that they’re raising doubts about the future of humanity. The latest emblem for existential dread is Google’s DeepMind project, which created AlphaGo— […]

What is the Minimax Algorithm? – Artificial Intelligence

Hi everyone, this is gkcs! We are going to be talking about the minimax algorithm now and this is a very useful concept in two-player games when you are trying to code some artificial intelligence. So these two players are people who are fighting against each other and they have, usually have, complete information about […]

Can an 80s computer beat a new one at Chess?! Amiga vs Mac ♟🕹️ 1987 vs 2020

What? I was not expecting that! Wow. WOW. Yeah. Oh hello, chip dippers. Welcome to Retro Recipes now. I had a lot of fun with that recent video. Which is faster Commodore 64 or a MacBook Pro? and the other day we were watching one of our favorite movies War Games for about the 64th […]

Meet Garry Kasparov | The chess grandmaster and political activist | Leaders in Action Society

Mechanical Marvels—Automaton: The Chess Player “Android,” 1769

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The AI that mastered Starcraft II

Artificial intelligence researchers at DeepMind have mastered Pong, Chess, and Go but some games are on another level. The game of StarCraft II one of the most complicated video games ever created. It is a real-time strategy game which means that you don’t take turns you play and you have to play fast. It was […]

Arduino Game Project: Tic Tac Toe Game with a touch screen and an Arduino from

Dear friends welcome to another Arduino project video! Today we are going to build an Arduino Game, a Tic Tac Toe game with a touchscreen. It is an easy and fun project for all ages. Let’s start! Hello guys, I am Nick and welcome to a channel that is all about DIY electronics projects […]