COVID-19 dampens sports sector in S. Korea

the Cova 19 outbreak has dampened the local sports sector as well KBL the nation’s professional basketball league decided to finish the rest of the regular season which is due to end on March 31st without spectators in Busan the International Table Tennis Federation and local organizers announced the postponement of the world team Table […]

Culture and sports sectors join efforts to prevent spread of COVID-19

crews culture and sports sectors are doing their part to prevent the spread of the virus PT has held a major press conference online instead and the local professional football league is postponing its opening matches conn-young who tells us more after dropping their new album map of the sole seven last Friday kpop star […]

Unified Korea team defeated by Japan in table tennis World Team semi-finals

The unified Korean women’s table tennis team lost their semi-final against Japan on Friday at the World Team Table Tennis Championships in Sweden. The combined squad lost three-zero against the Japanese side. As there’s no third-place match, and Korea will share the bronze with the loser of the other semi-final between China and Hong Kong. […]

Lunar New Year traffic expected to peak Sunday at 4 to 5 PM

South Koreans are of course celebrating the Lunar New Year this weekend and foremost that means driving out of town to see family and usually heavy traffic today the Korea expressway corporation estimates more than eight hundred thousand cars will be heading into or out of the Capital Area mostly into it traffic it said […]

International Table Tennis Korea Open begins on Tuesday

The 2018 International Table Tennis Federation Korea Open began early Tuesday morning. During the six-day tournament, athletes from twenty-eight countries will compete for a total prize pool of two-hundred sixty-six thousand US dollars. The first two days are made up of qualification rounds and under twenty-one games,… and once the seedings are set, the main […]

North Korean table tennis players arrive in S. Korea

Cooperation between the two Koreas continues, meanwhile, in table tennis. When the international Korea Open kicks off this week in the South Korean city of Daejeon , players from both sides will be playing on the same team. Oh Soo-young reports. North Korean table tennis players have arrived in South Korea to compete in an […]

Moon stresses importance of continuing talks with N. Korea despite stalled denuclearization talks

we start at the top office where president mundane during his New Year’s dressed today called for more inter-korean efforts to spur progress in the ongoing peace process the president also talked about the possibility of North Korean leaders visit to Seoul this year for more on this we go live to our presidential office […]

Major international sporting events to look forward to in 2020

now our about a week into 2020 and there’s no denying that the biggest international sporting event on the calendar this year is the 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics the world will be transfixed to their TVs during the month of July for the global celebration of sport that only comes around every four years in […]

Moon calls for more inter-Korean cooperation, hopes Kim Jong-un makes reciprocal visit to Seoul

president moon and his New Year’s address suggested ways to improve the situation on the Korean Peninsula especially in terms of inter-korean relations he also reminded North Korean leader Kim jong-un of his pledge to visit South Korea and called for that to happen in the near future Shin Semin has the details president moon […]

Unified Korean team wins table tennis gold

Inter-Korean cooperation has led to some great results this week in table tennis. A pair of players from South and North playing together… have won gold in the mixed doubles at the Korea Open in Daejeon. Oh Jung-hee reports. The gymnasium was filled with cheers Saturday for the unified Korean table tennis team… that made […]