WEIRD BOARD GAMES: Tic Tac Tongue + Yeti Set Go!! – Ten Minute Power Hour

[Jazz riff] [Hard guitar imitation] Dan: [Singing] I’m gonna fuck your dad! [Scurrying footsteps, and a cartoonish running away effect] Arin: What the fuck? Dan: I dunno. Dan: Welcome to The 10 Minute Power Hour! Arin: What are we doing today, Dan? Dan: I dunno, I was gonna ask you that. Dan: Oh, we’re gonna […]

The Game of Smells – Ten Minute Power Hour

(Intro Music) Arin: Rubber baby buggy bumpers. Dan: Red leather, yellow leathe- that one’s really hard for me. Arin: Red leather, yellow leather. Dan: You can do it huh? Arin: Red leather, yellow leather. Red leather, yellow leather. Dan: Red leather, yellow lea- *gibberish* Dan: Red leather, yellow leather – it’s really hard. Dan: Red […]

Board Game Bonanza – 10 Minute Power Hour

*opening music* Dan: What am I looking at? Arin: I got some smutz on me Dan: That’s it, there you go. Aah! Arin: Welcome to The 10 Minute Power Hour Dan: Welcome! We probably still have some makeup and glittery stuff on our face. I know I have it on my arm. You can see […]

MEGA Board Game MASH-UP! Uno + Operation – Ten Minute Power Hour

(Jazzy trumpet solo) – I invested, like… ten thousand dollars into Tesla… – Welcome to the Ten Minute Power Hour! It’s Danny! And Arin! – It’s me, Arin, and Danny! – (chuckles) It’s meeeee. and- – It’s Danny… – Mhm. – and Arin. – A-R-I-N. – (Danny chuckles) A-R-I-N lost about ten thousand dollars on […]

Virtual Chess 64: Chess Experts – PART 1 – Game Grumps

♫IN THIS CORNER GRUMP♫ I’m a grump! ♫IN THE OTHER CORNER NOT-SO-GRUMP♫ ♫IT’S GAME GRUMPS VERSUSSSS♫ ( cheering ) Arin: Hey! Dan: Hello, and welcome to- Oh, what is this? Arin: I’ve been trying to get into the title screen but it just doesn’t- it doesn’t work this game’s so old and it’s so laggy […]